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Oldschool Runescape is not a new game

"I think we just have to go around the idea that you don't have to consume all of it. Yes it is a buffet, but you don't have to eat everything. Just eat the stuff you like." That's part of the reasoning behind Oldschool Runescape Gold -- more a number than anything else. To an outsider, it would seem that Oldschool Runescape is a brand new game, but that is not anywhere near the truth.In reality, Oldschool Runescape is not a new game, but rather a huge upgrade to the current game which switches it over to HTML5 from Java, allowing for boosted visuals along with a much better draw distance. Additionally, it adds into a new, more powerful audio engine, updates the UI dramatically, and tinkers in various other aspects also.

The main game itself, however, remains the specific same, by the characters to the game world into the gameplay attributes -- but the ordinary consumer would need to do a little digging to discover this fact. As you may expect, making Oldschool Runescape vaguely out for a brand new game as opposed to an upgrade was deliberate. "Every week we are putting out new content and major upgrades, but regrettably it means you really have a big event to shout about," explains Gerhard. "If someone was supposed to play the game today versus six months ago, it is radically different -- but we do not get that tent-pole event."

With next-generation tech coming in, and also the Jagex team preparing major interface improvements, audio updates, and user-generated content, the studio realized something on a larger scale than a regular update was needed to really get around to players both inside and outside of the match just how important this forthcoming content actually is.

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  • January 13 at 19:51

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