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PSO2 won't be moving away so for those

What exactly were you saving up meseta for precisely? I can not think of a good answer other than fashion of a good weapon. And those both apparently carry over anyways...Well it is exactly what we got. But additionally PSO2 won't be moving away so for those who will keep playing it there is very little reduction there especially given that the the old sport will also get a graphical upgrade.

But there is no way to know yet how many people will jump to the brand new game and just how many will stay or perform for that matter.

The worst culprits are matches which have slowly regenerating endurance bars which force you to spend real money to replenish instantly in order to make progress as fast as others. Among the best benefits of it being an old F2P game before that version was birthed.

I mean, based on what's already been said, a very large chunk, if not more, of those AC scratch stuff will carry over. We saw some present accessories and outfits in the follow up trailer, so purchasing scratches right now is pretty much still the same value whether you plan on enjoying New Genesis.
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  • November 25 2020 at 22:55

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